Betting on the Underdog: How to Find Value in Long-Shot Horses and Dogs

Betting on the Underdog

In the world of sports betting, there’s an undeniable thrill in backing the underdog and cheering for a long-shot victory. While it may seem risky, finding value in long-shot horses and dogs can be rewarding.

Here are some tips and techniques for identifying potential underdogs with value and maximising your chances of a profitable wager:

Research and Analyse Form

One of the key aspects of finding value in long-shot horses and dogs is conducting thorough research and analysing their recent form.

Look beyond the surface-level statistics and delve into their past performances. Consider factors such as previous Singapore horse racing or dog racing results, track conditions, distance preferences, and trainer/jockey combinations.

By understanding the form of the underdog, you can gauge their potential to perform well in an upcoming race.

Spotting Improving Performances

In the world of horse and dog racing Singapore, animals can go through phases of improving or declining performances. Spotting an underdog that is on an upward trajectory can provide excellent value.

Look for horses or dogs that have shown recent improvements in their finishing positions, speed ratings, or overall performance. Identifying these trends early on can give you an edge and allow you to place bets on long shots with a higher probability of outperforming their odds.

Track Conditions and Distances

Track conditions and distances play a significant role in the performance of horses and dogs. Some animals may have a preference for specific track surfaces, such as dirt, turf, or synthetic tracks. Similarly, certain horses or dogs may excel at shorter or longer distances.

By studying their past performances on similar track conditions and distances, you can identify underdogs with a higher chance of thriving in the upcoming race.

Trainer and Jockey Factors

The trainer and jockey’s expertise can greatly influence a horse’s or dog’s performance.Look for underdogs with reputable trainers or jockeys with a history of success.

Experienced trainers and jockeys may have the ability to bring out the best in their animals, even when facing stronger competition. Assess the track record of the trainer and jockey, paying attention to their win percentages and success in specific race types.

Consider Market Overreactions

Sometimes, the betting market may overreact to recent performances or public perception, resulting in inflated odds for underdogs.

If a horse or dog has experienced a couple of disappointing races or has faced challenging competition, their odds may be higher than their actual chances of winning. Assess the situation objectively and look for instances where the market has overreacted, providing valuable opportunities for savvy bettors.


Betting on the underdog can be a thrilling and potentially profitable endeavour. You can find value in long-shot horses and dogs by conducting thorough research, analysing form, identifying improving performances, considering track conditions and distances, assessing trainer and jockey factors, and recognising market overreactions.

But remember to approach betting responsibly, set a budget, and enjoy the excitement of backing the underdog while keeping a realistic perspective on the risks involved.