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STIIIZY has stood out as a premier brand in the cannabis market since its establishment in 2017, gaining recognition for its exceptional range of premium products, including vapes, gummies, and live resin. As an industry leader, STIIIZY has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality cannabis experiences. While available in smoke shops across Texas, finding the best selection, especially for vaping, can be a challenge. In Fort Worth, Smoke and Vape DZ emerges as the go-to destination for STIIIZY enthusiasts, boasting an impressive inventory of various STIIIZY products. Smoke and Vape DZ provides a convenient way to access STIIIZY’s top-notch vapes, pods, batteries, and disposables, either via door delivery or in-store pickup. Contact us today for more information regarding STIIIZY vapes and other products available at our store.

The Typical Parts of a STIIIZY Vape.

At the heart of STIIIZY’s popularity is its user-friendly and compact vape design. This simplicity does not compromise functionality, making it easy to carry in a shirt pocket or attach to a lanyard. The typical STIIIZY vape consists of key components that contribute to its exceptional performance.

  1. THC Oil. STIIIZY prides itself on using premium THC oil infused with botanically-derived terpenes. The extensive range of pods offers a diverse array of flavors, each with a unique profile. Trying out different flavors allows users to discover their favorites among the rich selection.
  2. Pods. Original STIIIZY pods, detachable and interchangeable, play a central role in the STIIIZY vaping experience. Designed to be inserted into the top of the battery body, the system ensures a leak and burn-proof operation. Dual airflow tunnels facilitate smooth vapor flow during inhalation, enhancing the overall user experience.
  3. The battery functions as the device’s body as well as its power source. Standard STIIIZY vape batteries are rechargeable, and the base has a USB charging connector. The slimline design is ergonomic, practical, and precisely weighted to make smoking pleasurable. For those who are looking for extra power, the 550mAh BIIIG STIIIZY batteries offer more power and a stronger hit when making draws.
  4. Ceramic Coil. The ceramic coil’s work in a STIIIZY vape is to heat the THC oil during inhalation. An LED light indicates the intelligent system’s detection of inhaling. This guarantees precise control over the production of vapor, so minimizing the possibility for wastage.

Types of STIIIZY Vapes/Pods

1. Original STIIIZY Pods

The Original line features high-quality THC oil that has been infused with “botanically derived terpenes,” which give it an aroma and flavor that are evocative of real cannabis flowers. These pods appeal to a diverse variety of vapers with their 22 strains, which include exotic flavors like Watermelon Z and Strawberry Cough in addition to classic selections like Pineapple Express and Blue Dream. More flavors of this include:

Sativa Pods- Sour Tangie, Orange Sunset, Sour Diesel, Premium Jack.

Hybrid Pods- Strawnana, Blue Burst, Gelato, Orange Sunset, Apple Fritter, Granddaddy Purp, Birthday Cake, Pineapple Express.

Indica Pods- Skywalker OG, Purple Punch, King Louis XIII, SFV OG.

2. LIIL STIIIZY Disposables

LIIL STIIIZY Vape Disposables are a handy and portable alternative that preserves the classic STIIIZY design, delicious taste, and massive vapor clouds. They come in a number of hybrid strains, including Birthday Cake and Gelato, Sativa strains like Orange Sunset and Blue Dream, and indica strains like Granddaddy Purple and King Louis XIII. Additionally, some choices include 1:1 THC/CBD compositions, which offer a well-balanced experience in fruity flavors.

3. Cannabis Derived Terpene Pods (Silver)

The “silver” pods focus on preserving the natural terpene profile of 24 strains, using single-source cannabis grown locally in California. Unlike the Original line, these pods refrain from adding non-cannabis-derived terpenes. Vaping from this line closely mimics the taste and smell of smoking flower, ensuring that users inhale the specific strain mentioned. This option appeals to those who appreciate the authentic taste of cannabis and seek a closer connection to the strain’s original profile. The flavor profiles include:

Hybrid- Apple Fritter, Birthday Cake, Gelato, Blue Burst, Pineapple Express, Skywalker OG.

Indica- SFV OG, King Louis XIII, Granddaddy Purple, Purple Punch OG.

Sativa- Orange Sunset, Blue Dream.

THC/CBD- Mango (1:1, THC:CBD), Juicy Melon (1:1, THC:CBD)

4. Liquid Live Resin Pods

Representing a “gold standard” in premium vape pods, the Liquid Live Resin Pods are available in 21 strains. These pods utilize flash-frozen cannabis plants, preserving the full flavor profile through a small-batch, craft cannabis-style process. By using fresh, uncured flower, the live resin captures the synergy of terpenes and cannabinoids with THC, delivering a full-spectrum effect. Strains like Lemon Creme (Sativa), Rainbow Kush (Indica), Banana Sundae (Hybrid), Double Rainbow (Hybrid), and Triangle Mintz (Indica)  provide a flavorful and terpene-rich vaping experience, emphasizing the entourage effect.

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