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Different Kinds of Mirror Shaving Cabinet

In an article written by Remer, they detailed the wonderful benefits of having a mirror shaving cabinet in your bathroom. All these advantages are undeniably enticing. But after knowing all these, the next challenge will be finding the most suitable mirror shaving cabinet to complement your bathroom decor.

Here are some of the best mirror shaving cabinets available in the market.

  • Wall-Mounted Shaving Cabinets: These are the most common type of mirror shaving cabinets. As the name suggests, these mirror shaving cabinets are designed to be mounted on the wall, typically above the bathroom sink. They come in various sizes, from compact models for small bathrooms to larger ones with multiple shelves for ample storage.
  • Recessed Shaving Cabinets: Recessed cabinets are installed into the wall, making them perfect for bathrooms with limited space. It also creates a seamless and space-saving appearance, ideal for homeowners who prefer their bathrooms to have a minimalist look.
  • Corner Shaving Cabinets: Corner cabinets are built to fit into the corner of the bathroom, using an often overlooked area. They provide storage and a mirrored surface without wasting valuable wall space. Hence, they are perfect for smaller bathrooms.
  • LED-Lit Shaving Cabinet: LED-lit shaving cabinets have built-in lighting around the mirror edges or inside the cabinet. This lighting enhances visibility and provides adequate illumination for grooming tasks.
  • Medicine Cabinet Shaving Mirrors: These cabinets perfectly blend the classic medicine cabinet and practical shaving mirror. With a mirrored door and adjustable shelves, your stuff will certainly be kept organised. Some variations of this mirror shaving cabinet type even have a magnifying mirror for close grooming.
  • Frameless Shaving Cabinets: Frameless cabinets have mirrors without visible frames around the edges, creating a clean and contemporary look. They are versatile and can easily blend with various bathroom decor styles.

These are only a few examples of mirror shaving cabinet types. When you go mirror shopping, you will encounter even more. Hence, it is important not to get overwhelmed and focus on what look you want to achieve for your bathroom. Taking note of their functionality can also help you find a mirror that fits your needs.